Born in Georgia, Tbilisi on 11
th February 1958.


1975-1981 - Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Monumental and easel paintings; restorer of wall paintings and icons.

1982 - 1985 State management of Memorial Protection as an artist-restorer.

1985 - 1990  Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, professor of painting and graphics.

1985 State animation cinema studio of Georgia, artist director.

1989 Wall painting of st. Trinity church in Privolni, Armenia.

1991 Wall painting of st. George church in Tsalka, Georgia

1992 State cinema studio of Georgia, artist director.

1995 - 1999 Parliament of Georgia. The senior expert, main designer, consultant in culture questions.

Book graphics and illustrations.

Exhibitions: Tbilisi, Moscow, Mexico City (group exhibition), Helsinki, Sophia.